Saturday, March 26, 2011

Too Short Jeans Into Shorts!

My tall skinny girl is constantly growing out of her jeans in the length but they still fit fine in the waist.  She can actually still wear 18-24 month in the waist but her 4T jeans are too short!  When shopping for some spring clothes for her I noticed that there are TONS of cute cuffed looks this year and figured instead of buying her shorts I can just turn the jeans into cuffed shorts! 

I marked right above her knees.

Then cut one side off.

Then folded the cut side over the uncut side and matched them up. 

Then cut the 2nd side off.

I folded both sides over about an inch.

Then folded them a 2nd time.

The look great and saved us money!


Our Crazy Bunch said...

Cute idea... I am going to have to try this with a pair of my daughters I just told her were too short. :) Oh and she is 6 and can still fit into a pair of capri's she's had since she was 3. It's getting to be ridiculous. ;)

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