Monday, March 21, 2011

Painted T-Shirt with Freezer Paper Stencil

I've seen tutorials all over the web for painting shirts using freezer paper stencils and of course I had to try it out myself!  I am a perfectionist when it comes to my crafts and I see the flaws in this but I still think it turned out pretty cute.  I think part of the problem is I wasn't patient enough and tried to speed up the process and I kept messing up the paint. 

I used my cricut to cut out a design I liked for my stencil.  I used my Forever Young cartridge and picked out a cute purse design, I didn't want to do anything too complicated for my first shirt. 

I placed the freezer paper on my cricut carrier sheet and cut away! 

Before I ironed the freezer paper design to the front of the shirt I ironed a piece to the inside to keep my shirt more stable.

Then I placed the purse design how I liked it and ironed it down.  I used a low heat setting with no steam to iron it down. 

Now it's time to paint!  I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint that I bought at Joann's and a foam brush. 

I painted two layers and then removed the freezer paper when the last layer was still a little wet. 

After the paint is totally dry you can add other details.  I found that if I tried to iron on more freezer paper on top of what I already painted it messed it up so I just held my flower sencil in place while I painted the purple flower. 

I wasn't happy with the lines on the flower, maybe I should have used a small brush to go back and make them straigter but I decided to use hot fix crystals to add a "pop" to the design and cover the lines.

I have this hot fix applicator and I buy most my crystals at hobby lobby, michaels or joanna's (where ever I have a coupon or they are on sale). 

I just created a pattern I liked with different sized crystals and set them down.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and Jillian loves it!


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