Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to make a Fabric Yo-Yo Headband

I want to start off by saying this is NOT my original idea, I have seen tutorials all over the web with instructions for making fabric yo-yos, this is just my spin on them! 

KojoDesigns is hosting a Spring Destash party and I thought this would be a great way to join!  I had some scraps of fabric left from Jillian's circus dress and decided to make a quick cute headband for Jillian to wear with her dress today to the circus.

I buy my plain headbands at Target, Walmart or Dollar Tree.... wherever I can find them in the colors I want or cheapest!  Often I cover the headband with ribbon but I liked the color of this headband so I left it alone.

Start by picking two coordinating fabrics and cutting out two circles, one larger than the other.  When doing this I just pick different plates or bowls that I like the size of and trace them. 

Then you start with the right side of the fabric facing down and you fold edge of the fabric in to creating a hem.  You will stitch all the way around the circle close to the top of the fold, make sure you tie a knot in the end of the thread at the beginning of your stitch.

Once you have stitched around the entire circle you will pull the thread to gather the fabric, you can gather as loose or as tight as you want. 

Proceed to do the same thing with your second circle.

Once both yo-yos are made it's time to assemble the headband!

I hot glued both of them together then embellished the top with buttons. When making these I just search my scrapbook and sewing stashes to come up with cute things that match the outfit or headband.  Once everything is glued together you just hot glue the whole thing to the headband! 

This is a great way to coordinate your child's accessories with their outfits! 


Suze said...

Those are way cute. . . I am definitely going to try to make some :)

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