Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun at the Circus

We had a blast at the circus and thought you might like to see some of our pictures!

Before the show we were able to go down on the floor for the all access pre-show, Jillian really enjoyed it.  Here she is getting a temporary tattoo from one of the acrobats. 

She loves the clown nose and has already worn it several times.

Here we were watching some of the clowns toss stuff in the air and catch it with wires, she was really into this. 

There were so many people around watching the elephants painting so Jillian had to get on Michael's shoulders to be able to see.

She wanted to go take a picture with the clown but when we got up close she froze and cut her eyes at him!

Before we went to our seats we let her pick out a snack and of course she chose cotton candy and lemonade. 

At intermission Jillian wanted a snow cone and she let daddy try it while she finished off her cotton candy.


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