Friday, February 4, 2011

Yarn Covered Wreath with Felt Roses

Since there is such a huge gap between Valentine's Day and Easter this year I decided I need to create a wreath to use for a few weeks before I put my Easter one up.  I thought something green would be St. Patrick's Dayish but I didn't want something obviously/obnoxiously St. Patrick's Day, does that make sense? This is what I came up with. 

The supplies you will need:

I got all the supplies at Hobby Lobby, the only thing not pictured is straight pins.

Wreath $2.99
Yarn $4.99 (was on sale 50% off so I only paid $2.50)
Felt sheets were 4 for $1.00

I started my wreath by securing the yarn to the back of the wreath with straight pins, you could also use hot glue but I didn't feel like getting mine out and had the pins handy. 

Next tightly wrap the yarn around the entire wreath.  My wreath took the ENTIRE ball of yarn.

Next we will start on the felt flowers.

Trace a circle plate or something else similar in size.

Cut out the circle but don't cut exactly straight, cut wavy!

Next cut the circle in a "swirl" pattern.

Start at the outside end and tightly wrap the felt.

Keep wrapping.

TaDa, a Rose!

Now you can either hot glue them or just pin them straight to the wreath like I did. 

And finally, a picture of my little helper.  While I was taking pictures she wanted me to take one of her too!


Cara said...

I am so gonna try this. Tomorrow, in fact. I am so excited to have a new project. LOVIN your blogs! And Gabbie says hi to Jilly and we hope she feels better soon!

Two Plus Jilly said...

Thanks Cara!

The other day I was showing Jillian the picture of Gabbie in her dance outfit and JIlian said "I need to go dance with her". =)

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