Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adding a Ruffle to Jeans

I decided that Jillian's new dress would be really cute with some jeans with a ruffle of matching fabric added.  This is a perfect way to find a use for jeans that have become too short.  I have a tall skinny mini so her jeans are always too short but fit good in the waist.  A few weeks ago I was in walmart and they had some jeans on clearance for a dollar but all was left was 18M.  I knew these would fit her in the waist so I bought a few pairs! 

Start by cutting off the bottom of the jeans to get rid of the "bulk" hem.

Next decide how high you want your ruffle to be.  My floral print is 4 inches high and the blue is 2 inches.  I doubled each so that I could just fold in half and get 4 inches (floral) or 2 inches (blue) to avoid having to hem.  I made the length of each piece of fabric 4 times the width of the bottom of  the jeans.  My width was 6 inches so the width of the fabric was 24 inches. 

Fold each in half and iron it.  Stack one blue strip on top of the floral strip. 

Next you will sew the two strips together at the top and side.

Next start pinning the ruffle to the jeans.  The jeans and the ruffle will be right sides facing each other. 

A good way to start is pinning the sides and the center of each side.  Then gather the fabric and pin the rest together. 

The last step is you sew the ruffle to the jeans!  When you are done sewing flip the ruffle down, press and you are finished!


sarahrob19 said...

You are so creative! The pants look awesome! Will you send me a message with how much you would charge for a knot dress.

Karen Howell said...

So you are "ruffling" it yourself, not using something on your machine to make it gather?

Jamie said...

I started to ruffle it by machine (you do two loose stiches and then pull the bobbin thread to make it ruffle but I broke the threads since the fabric was so thick. I end up just "ruffling" it myself.

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