Thursday, February 24, 2011

Promise you won't laugh?!?!?

If I tell you something you promise you won't laugh at me?!?!? 


Are you sure?!?!?!?

Okay, I guess I'll tell you.....

I'm already planning Jillian's birthday party and it's 10 months away!

Are you laughing?!?!?!?

Every time Jillian hears about a birthday party she asks me if there are going to be party games.  This year we went the "easy" route with the party and just rented a bounce place at the mall.  Jillian had a BLAST but sadly, there were no party games. 

I've decided that this year we are going to have a 4th Birthday Carnival! 

I want to make most of the stuff so I have to start planning now since her birthday is right after Christmas. If I wait until the last minute for everything I will be stressed with all the holiday stuff going on. 

I plan on renting a room at our local Community Center and have the party there since there is a lot of room.

So far I know I want to have the following activities for the kids:

*all of the photos are from Carnival Savers

Bean Bag Toss 

Fishing Game

Duck Game

Face Painting

I also know I want to have some yummy carnival snacks.

Do you have any good ideas for me? Any tips?


Becky said...

What a great idea!! One carnival game we played in elementary school was a cake walk (walking around numbered or colored squares until the music stops and then they call a number or color and whomever is on that square gets a prize).

Crystal said...

That sounds like so much fun. I can't think of any ideas though, but I bet she will have a blast.

Two Plus Jilly said...

Becky - I thought about that one but I was afraid the kids that didn't get a cake would get upset (since they are all 4!) and then we would have to play FOREVER for everyone to get something! LOL

I'm probably going to do some version of musical chairs.

Heather said...

How fun!

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