Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuff We've Bought - Part 1

I know I love it when my favorite bloggers post about items they purchase and either love it or hate it so I've decided to start sharing some of our purchases with you!  I hope my posts help you in some way!     

This bubble maker is great.  I bought it back in the fall at Kmart during a big clearance event and only paid $2.00 so I wasn't too sure if was going to be a good item.  I love finding great clearance deals and stashing them away for gifts or just because we need something fun to do.  Last weekend Jillian and I busted this lion out of the box and she had a BLAST!  I found it on Amazon for $16.99 and I really think it's worth the full price.  Jillian chased bubbles in the backyard until she was WORN OUT!  I'm going to keep my eyes open for another deal on one and I will probably get it to donate to Jillian's daycare. 

 I have naturally VERY curly hair and I am always looking for just the right product.  It seems like once I've used something for a few years my hair just gets tired of that product and doesn't curl good anymore.  When my mom lived in town she would pick up different products for me at the beauty supply for awesome deals but now that I'm on my own with no good deals I decided to try out Pantene's new Curly Hair Series.  So far I have tried the Shampoo, Curl Shaping Gel, Curl Enhancing Spray Gel and the Curl Defining Mousse and I really like them all! 

*all opinions are mine, this is not a sponsored post


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