Sunday, January 23, 2011

Neon Whoopie Pies

Do you need an idea for something to bring to your kids valentines day party at school?  Are you wanting something "different" instead of regular cupcakes for a birthday party?  Why not try these cute (and tasty) Neon Whoopie Pies!

This recipe is SO easy.  All you will need is your favorite boxed vanilla cake (and whatever ingredients you need to make it), food coloring and your favorite icing.

First step is to prepare the boxed cake mix according to the directions and divide the batter into four bowls.

Now pick your favorite 4 colors from the food coloring and color each bowl of batter a different color.

Now spray your mini-muffin tin (regular could be used too) with a non-stick cooking spray and fill each well 3/4 full with one color of batter. 

Bake at whatever temperature your boxed cake recommends.  I cooked my cupcakes for about 15 minutes (just make sure when you insert a toothpick it comes out clean).

Once cooled remove the cupcakes from the pan and cut them in half. 

After you cut open all the cupcake put a layer of vanilla icing on the bottom part of the cupcake and then replace the top of the cupcake.  Now you have dozens of mini-neon whoopie pies!


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