Friday, May 22, 2009

Mouse in the house

Well, last night as we were cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready to go to bed a mouse ran from behind our refrigerator to under the stove. I, of course began screaming and Michael laughed at me. I think the mouse came in when I left the door to the house from the garage open for awhile earlier (let just hope he was alone)! The cat saw the mouse the same time we did and she was on high alert!

We began mouse extraction 2009 by pulling the stove drawer out to look for him. We saw him in the back but couldn't get him so Michael proceeded to spray in there with air freshener to try and get it him out. I told Michael he was just going to make the mouse pass out! Finally Michael decided to stick an old BBQ flipper thing under there and the mouse ran out... to under the refrigerator again!

I was standing guard making sure he didn't run into the living room or bedroom (I had a bowl) while Michael tried to pull out the refrigerator. Well the mouse then decided to make a run for the dishwasher...

This is where the action begins. I proceeded to "lunge" myself towards the mouse with my bowl. Michael likes to joke that both my feet were going different directions and I was screaming but I like to say I was saving the house from varmint. I basically fell on the mouse with the bowl. Luckily the bowl landed on our little friend and I didn't land on the mouse! In the process I skinned both of my knees on the wood floors, skinned (took a chunk of skin off) my hand and twisted my already busted up ankle.

We both had a good laugh about it all (as I'm sure you are) and I got made fun of!

The mouse did make it out of the ordeal alive (Michael wanted to kill it). We slid cardboard under the bowl and carried it outside. I made Michael toss it over the fence. He decided he would give Mr. Mouse to the weird neighbors who are always standing on their back porch watching us when we are outside.

It was a very eventful evening for sure!


Heather said...

Awwww...Jamie, your poor knees, hand, and ankle. It sounds like an impressive display of athleticism to me...I'm pretty sure I would have missed the mouse. I think the funniest part is that you guys gave the mouse to the neighbors.

Jessica said...

That is hilarious that you gave it to your neighbors! Good job catching it. Mice are not fortunate enough to live in our house. I always want to drive them miles away and drop them off but Craig insists on killing them. Normally they die in the mousetraps but last week when we caught one (Craig caught it in his hands) and so we had to find the most "humane" way of killing it that I could think of. At least we didn't flush it like my brother in law does.

Jessica said...

I should add that Craig had gloves on when he caught it! :)

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