Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pampered Chef & a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Do you like Pampered Chef products???

I do!!! Pampered Chef has so many neat Kitchen gadgets that whenever I go to a party I have a hard time deciding what to buy!

I am currently hosting a Pampered Chef Catalog party and would really appreciate if you order something from the party! My party will be closing out this weekend so I want to offer something extra special to my blog readers if you order from the party!

If you order $40 or more (and have it shipped directly to you) I will put you in a drawing to win a custom shirt from me! I will work with the winner to come up with an applique shirt of your choice (I have HUNDREDS of design options). To order go to my Pampered Chef Consultant's site and you will enter my name as the hostess (Jamie Hardiman). Please make sure you select the shipping option as ship to you directly (unless you are one of my local friends).

Want to see some of my favorite products???

This red Deep Covered Baker is on my list of products to get from this party!  My consultant cooks full meals in the microwave with this baker!!!  If you purchase this she will send you a PDF cookbook FULL of recipes you can use the baker for!

 If you check out my recipes very often you know that I do most of my baking on my Stoneware from Pampered Chef.  I LOVE my large bar pan and muffin pans!

I went to a party a few weeks ago and I order this Salad Chopper and I am IN LOVE with it!  I have used it for salads and my favorite use is to cut up hot chicken!  I boiled some chicken the other day and didn't want to wait for it to cool to cut it up so I used this and it was AWESOME!  I was able to cut up a pound of chicken breast into bite size pieces in less than a minute!
From the party I also ordered this measuring cup and it is SOOOOO cool!!!! Measure liquids and solids up to 2 cups. A unique adjustable plunger design cleanly ejects solid ingredients. Includes standard and metric measures.

Now head on over and place your orders, I would REALLY appreciate it! 


Alyse said...

whoa, I am super interested in the anything that can cut hot chicken! thats the only part i dread when making chicken pot pie. i think i will place an order for that!

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