Sunday, April 19, 2009


Last Saturday Michael and I took Jillian over to Decatur to ride the carousel at the mall. Jillian wasn't too sure what to think of the carousel and by the time it started she just wanted Michael to hold her! I'm glad I stayed off to take pictures because they were spinning pretty fast!

The Decatur Mall has a Chuck-E-Cheese in it and it was about dinner time so we thought we would grab a pizza there and let Jillian check it out. She enjoyed watching all the kids run around while we ate our pizza (she ate a whole slice herself!). After pizza we let her have some fun. She is still a little small for most of the stuff but she loved watching us play ski-ball (is that how you spell it?) and she even helped us throw the balls.


Heather said...

Looks like Jillian had a great time!

sarahrob19 said...

How cute! It looks like she still had a blast even though she couldn't do much!
Oh, and I think I fixed my comment problrm, so hopefully it will work for you now!

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